Friday, October 11, 2013


Custom Walls

Hi Guys! I am still doing free walls but I am also taking custom orders for walls. If u are interested contact me through my Gmail or KIK. Price will depend on the type of wall you want and I will have freebies with every purchase:) Below are just a couple examples.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New info On Galaxy Note 2 Android Update!!

So while researching on the Note 2 update I found a few little pieces of info u might find exciting. Several websites have stated that Samsung is currently running tests to see how 4.3 is running on the Note 2, while Drippler has posted several days ago that we should be expecting updates as early as November! Not only that but an insta-friend Jen, informed me this morning that she called AT&T to inquire about the features of the new Note 3 and our Note 2 updates and was told that after our Note 2 has been updated to 4.3 there will be only slight differences in them such as Ram and Size. The rest should be highly similar in software. Let's hope they get it to us sooner than later huh? Hope this info was useful to u all. I will keep u updated if I hear more!

New Walls