Friday, September 20, 2013

Top 10 Ram Hogs and My Number 1 Ram Booster and Cache Cleaner

Wondering why your Android is running sluggish and low on Ram? If you have 1 or more of these ten apps this could be your problem. According to a Drippler article these are the top ten apps that use the most highest amounts of memory. Its just some really useful info:) Want to boost your ram and free up space?Try and use my personal fave, Clean Master. Its fast, free, and most importantly it WORKS. Hope this info was a help!

New Wall

Friday, September 13, 2013

Rainbow Flow Wallies

Another Update Another Disappointment

I received an update yesterday on my AT@T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and yes guys, another disappointing useless update. So far I see no changes at all, although I've read online some are seeing a battery drain and some say a battery boost. I have experienced neither one. So, just letting u Note 2 fans know, don't get too excited they aren't giving us 4.3 jelly bean yet, its just another useless update:(

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

COLOR! COLOR! COLOR! With Chikibujia's Color Craze!

Are you crazy about color? Then u r gonna love this theme by Chikibujia! If you follow her blog or instagram u recognize her style immediately. It's colorful, bold, and vibrant. The wallpapers that come with this theme are enough to set your phone apart from the rest but when u see the icons, that's where u really see how much color is really in this theme. Patterns, bright colors, and textures are amazingly detailed in each icon and there are over 100!!! You can't go wrong with this one. Check out her blog and get this theme today. You can also get the matching Kii/go keyboard there, free wizard memo themed, and if u own an iPhone she has the icons, folders, and walls too!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Light Pink China Doll Diva

China Doll Diva is here!! Enjoy:) And don't forget your matching Beweather at

Mean Green Diva

Meqn Green Diva is here!! Get your matching Beweather at an enjoy the free wall:)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Custom Beweathers to Add some personal BLING!!

These days anyone can add weather to their smartphone screen. It's nothing special, nothing too glam about it. Now there are plenty of apps out there that can turn your icons colors blah blah blah but so far there is only one that I have found that can make my weather icons more custom and more personal. Beweather!! If ur on android or blackberry u can have your own custom weather. How much more custom can u get than weather with your NAME ON IT?? I've seen a lot of cute Beweather icons. But after having one custom made that was it! Now I want them all custom lol. But, whether u want it custom or not the cutest I've been able to get my hands on are from Dutch Creative Designs. She has pre-made Beweathers to choose from and alsho does customs. Literally tell her what you want, design, color, font; u name it she does it. I've even sent specific cliparts and she turns them into your own personal work of weather art. If you doubt my word take a look at my customs below or better yet go to her site and find out personally!!

Amazon App Store Free App A Day

If you haven't downloaded it yet head over to Amazon and get Amazon App Store downloaded to your device!! Every day a paid app is up for free and not just your cheap or boring apps, I mean good quality expensive apps! Today's app is a 9.99 value FREE.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stealing and Sharing in The Theming Community and How to STOP IT!

Hey Guys, just wanted to have a discussion on a growing problem in the theming community. As a customer of many themers it concerns me because I pay hard earned money for quality themes and the fact that there are people out there who think they are above paying astounds me. It isn't like they don't know what they are doing, they very well know they are stealing. The problem is its so hard to stop them. We as customers need to support our themers and stop this ongoing problem. It may not seem like there is anything u can do but there is!! Now I'm not telling anyone what to do, but I will tell you what I do:) I don't share themes!! Even if they are free! If I can download a theme free anyone can!! I don't save apks, bwi's or wallpapers to my open gallery or files. I safe lock them in my files on my SD card. That way if anyone decides to actually steal my phone they sure as hell aren't going to get my "bling" to go along with it!! If a family member or friend wants a theme and they don't have the money I pay through PayPal and they give me the money or I'll purchase it for them as a gift! It isn't mine to "give" in the first place. I didn't create it myself therefore it isn't up to me to give it away! An example; my daughter isn't old enough to purchase items on the internet yet. Esther from Dutch Creative Designs made a beautiful panda Beweather and my daughter wanted it. I purchased it for her along with a custom. Now just because I bought it I didn't stick it on my phone. Why? BC I only PURCHASED ONE!! So, its on Savannah's phone not mine. If you want one for each phone then purchase one for each phone. If I see someone selling a theme and I know for a fact they are not the creator of that theme I immediately report to the themer and immediately report to whatever site they r selling from.
Now. To some people this all may seem meaningless but the point is plain and clear. If it were your creations being sold or shared after u paid good money making it You would be pissed too. 2nd of all we as customers are affected by it as well. I have seen talented themers STOP creating all together, I have seen themers have to up the prices BC jerks are out here giving their themes away and they arent selling as much BC others are getting them for free or selling somewhere else. Themers are kept from sharing with their customers BC they are being taken advantage of by dishonest people! What does that mean for us? LESS BLING FOR OUR DROIDS!!!! SO, let's get these thieves out of our community so our themers can sell in trust and confidence!!
I hope u enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to post comments or give your opinion whether it be positive or negative. This is an open blog. As long as its all respectful its yours as well!!

Blue Diva is here! Matching Beweather by Dutch Creative Designs!

She's cute but bad:) She's my Blue Diva. Download my wall and go get your matching Beweather! www.dutch creative

Cute Girly Info by Girly Android..Now on YOUTUBE

Wanna know how to do some cute ish on your droid? Check out GirlyDroid. You can follow her on Instagram and now you can subscribe to her informative YouTube feed. I've seen her info, And lemme tell u this chick knows her stuff. Now she wants u to know your droid too! Follow her on Instagram: GIRLYDROID And check her out on YouTube:

Wild About You Go Launcher by Lucy of DroidsR4Girls & iPhonealicious

Are You wild about this theme? You should be! This awesome theme by Lucy of DroidsR4Girls and iPhonealicious is Wild About You Go Launcher!! Before this I hadn't even thought of what brown would look like as a main base for a theme. The colors pop and the theme itself sets it apart from all others with beveled icons and walls that look nothing like any others I have seen. Go to her site and give your phone a touch of wild. Its definitely gonna get your droid BLINGIN!! Lucy's droid site: want the clock to match? Search Froop Digital Clock on Play Store!!

Galaxy S3 and Note 2 Android 4.3 Update likely in October!!

Hey guys, if u didn't download Drippler you might not have seen the latest news! Samsung has announced an update for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 devices that should roll out in October! That could mean some pretty sweet changes and cool new apps that will be compatible with our phones!! I've been waiting to have access to Day Dream..maybe I will have it soon!!! Check the whole Article out on Drippler!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Info from the Inside and Out of your Android: Brenda The Cheeky Geek!

Here is another awesome informative site for all you Android lovers out there. Unlike me, Brenda is rooted, so she has an even deeper knowledge of customization for your phone. Themes, fonts, and and so much more for u to get into.  Visit her and see what I am talking about!!

Sea Life Go Launcher by MsStephieBaby ft. Sea Life Beweather by DutchCreative Designs

This themer never cuts corners on color when it comes to her themes. Her SeaLife Go Launcher comes packed with beautifully colorful wallpapers and over 50 icons. She and Dutch Creative Designs teamed up to make your launcher look as awesome as possible with a matching Beweather too! This is just one of Steph's beautiful themes. I'll be showing u plenty more believe me because she never stops creating! Lol pick up your SeaLife Go Launcher from her site  and the matching Beweather set from Esther here www.Dutch The battery is from Black Mart its called Aquatic Battery!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Turquoise Edge Diva

Roundr Screen Corners by Mohammid Adib

If you love the round corners of the iPhone you will love this app. I had one similar to it before but this one is just AWESOME. Not only can u tweak the roundness and size of the corners, but buy the extensions pack for .99 and u have even more styles to choose from! I've chosen my two faves and screenshotted them for ya! If you like it find it on Play Store. Its updated frequently and I love it!

Glitter Monkey Go Launcher by Lovely Sweet Droid

I love the glitter icons in this theme!! It goes perfect with the walls I am making. This is the 2nd wallpaper in the Diva Set I am creating. This one being Baby Pink Diva Please click and save if u like it. And be sure to grab this theme from Lovely Sweet Droid if u like these icons! They r beautiful. Visit her on or on the Play Store!

Check Out DRIPPLER!!

If u wanna know what's up with your Droid the best in my opinion is Drippler! Just download from the Play Store and open the app and it will detect your model of device! From there you will have access to all the latest news and amazing info about your Android. Try it out and let me know what u think! All comments are welcome!!

Diva Doll

Everyone head over to to get your Beweather to match:)