Friday, December 26, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Just wanted to give a quick review on my Galaxy Note 4. As u guys know, I've had all the Note Series from 1 to 4. This one though, is by far the best one. Coming from the Note 3 the most noticeable feature is the camera. Samsung bumped it up from 13 megapixel to 16 and the front facing from 2 mp to a wow factor of 3.7 mp. Which is a huge upgrade in any case.
  The design is much more premium, less plastic and more metallic..screen is still large and bright..and the battery is still a powerhouse.
Had a couple of things I HATED about it though, and it isn't with every Note 4 it seems, only At&t and T Mobile from what I hear.. Stock Instagram and Facebook...comes pre-installed and can't be uninstalled or overwritten...which means no themed IG which completely pissed me off. If I ever do find a workaround that doesn't involve rooting I'll let u know! Other than that I love everything about it.
If u love new info and news on your device check out Drippler (Play Store). It has a ton of tips, news, and info for your device whether u have a Note 4 or any other smart phone. Just install and it will automatically scan your device and give u info on it.
I've posted some screenshots and pics below. If u have any questions feel free to Kik or email me.



Monday, October 13, 2014

Hallo-Kitty Walls

Just a few walls to bring in the Halloween spirit! Hope you all enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Never had to have a disclaimer before guys so I'm just gonna wing it here. I've noticed a lot of recoloring and altering of walls lately, and before it happens to me I just want to clarify my feelings on the subject. I work hard on my walls and UCCWs. Whether they are free or paid I put time into it and a lot of times money into it. I purchase patterns and I also create my own using Photoshop. No matter what I put out I never use anyone else's work as a base. And if I ever have done so, I never repost I only have it for personal use. I love creating things. But when you see someone's hard work being altered and reposted it kind of takes away from the original artist. So please, do not alter any of my creations and repost them. I'm not speaking for all only for myself. I don't mind if u alter them for your own personal use to match your themes and things. Just do not repost and place them on your blogs. Thanks So Much.

Friday, April 18, 2014

New IG Account

Had an issue with my old account on IG. Please follow on my new account : blinginandroid thanks guys!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Splattered Up

Paint Splattered Wallies. Hope u guys like:) enjoy������

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Next Launcher with Go Themes

Just thought I would give u guys a little info on something new I am trying out. Next Launcher on my Note 3 Samsung device. As everyone knows I am a huge Go Launcher fan and that I have always used this launcher. But after finding out Next Launcher was now compatible with Go themes and GoWidgets I wanted to give it a shot. So here is the my take on after a week's use;
    I love it. Every theme I have including just icon packs are now compatible, all my GoWidgets work perfectly and completely themeable. The effects and animations are cool as hell, and take 3d to a whole new level. That goes for their widgets as well. Although they aren't themeable the cool factor still makes it worth it. My favorite two are the Gallery Full page widget and the Music full page widget with live 3D animation effects. Another cool feature involving widgets is the fact that widget overlap is available now, something I waited on for a couple years for Go Devs to add to Go Launcher and they never could deliver. Tired of useless updates adding useless features? I got sick of those from Go Launcher. With Next I've had 2 updates this week both adding a new feature. Last awesome thing and my FAVORITE: Icon features! U can place them anywhere and in any direction, for instance I angle my in a circle around my weather. Its just a great feature to have if u like customizing. Now for the cons;
  Not many, only 2. No custom dock setting and can't use all docks from go launcher themes and No themes for Next Widgets (that I know of).
So there is my review of Next Launcher. It comes at a hefty price of $16.99 off Play Store but to me it is worth every penny for all the features. Try out the trial and see of its for u:)