Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Never had to have a disclaimer before guys so I'm just gonna wing it here. I've noticed a lot of recoloring and altering of walls lately, and before it happens to me I just want to clarify my feelings on the subject. I work hard on my walls and UCCWs. Whether they are free or paid I put time into it and a lot of times money into it. I purchase patterns and I also create my own using Photoshop. No matter what I put out I never use anyone else's work as a base. And if I ever have done so, I never repost I only have it for personal use. I love creating things. But when you see someone's hard work being altered and reposted it kind of takes away from the original artist. So please, do not alter any of my creations and repost them. I'm not speaking for all only for myself. I don't mind if u alter them for your own personal use to match your themes and things. Just do not repost and place them on your blogs. Thanks So Much.

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