Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stealing and Sharing in The Theming Community and How to STOP IT!

Hey Guys, just wanted to have a discussion on a growing problem in the theming community. As a customer of many themers it concerns me because I pay hard earned money for quality themes and the fact that there are people out there who think they are above paying astounds me. It isn't like they don't know what they are doing, they very well know they are stealing. The problem is its so hard to stop them. We as customers need to support our themers and stop this ongoing problem. It may not seem like there is anything u can do but there is!! Now I'm not telling anyone what to do, but I will tell you what I do:) I don't share themes!! Even if they are free! If I can download a theme free anyone can!! I don't save apks, bwi's or wallpapers to my open gallery or files. I safe lock them in my files on my SD card. That way if anyone decides to actually steal my phone they sure as hell aren't going to get my "bling" to go along with it!! If a family member or friend wants a theme and they don't have the money I pay through PayPal and they give me the money or I'll purchase it for them as a gift! It isn't mine to "give" in the first place. I didn't create it myself therefore it isn't up to me to give it away! An example; my daughter isn't old enough to purchase items on the internet yet. Esther from Dutch Creative Designs made a beautiful panda Beweather and my daughter wanted it. I purchased it for her along with a custom. Now just because I bought it I didn't stick it on my phone. Why? BC I only PURCHASED ONE!! So, its on Savannah's phone not mine. If you want one for each phone then purchase one for each phone. If I see someone selling a theme and I know for a fact they are not the creator of that theme I immediately report to the themer and immediately report to whatever site they r selling from.
Now. To some people this all may seem meaningless but the point is plain and clear. If it were your creations being sold or shared after u paid good money making it You would be pissed too. 2nd of all we as customers are affected by it as well. I have seen talented themers STOP creating all together, I have seen themers have to up the prices BC jerks are out here giving their themes away and they arent selling as much BC others are getting them for free or selling somewhere else. Themers are kept from sharing with their customers BC they are being taken advantage of by dishonest people! What does that mean for us? LESS BLING FOR OUR DROIDS!!!! SO, let's get these thieves out of our community so our themers can sell in trust and confidence!!
I hope u enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to post comments or give your opinion whether it be positive or negative. This is an open blog. As long as its all respectful its yours as well!!

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