Friday, September 6, 2013

Custom Beweathers to Add some personal BLING!!

These days anyone can add weather to their smartphone screen. It's nothing special, nothing too glam about it. Now there are plenty of apps out there that can turn your icons colors blah blah blah but so far there is only one that I have found that can make my weather icons more custom and more personal. Beweather!! If ur on android or blackberry u can have your own custom weather. How much more custom can u get than weather with your NAME ON IT?? I've seen a lot of cute Beweather icons. But after having one custom made that was it! Now I want them all custom lol. But, whether u want it custom or not the cutest I've been able to get my hands on are from Dutch Creative Designs. She has pre-made Beweathers to choose from and alsho does customs. Literally tell her what you want, design, color, font; u name it she does it. I've even sent specific cliparts and she turns them into your own personal work of weather art. If you doubt my word take a look at my customs below or better yet go to her site and find out personally!!

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